About Me

Hi! I am Leeya, the stylish scientist behind The Dressing Lab.
Sometimes, even on days when I know my outfit will be covered by a white lab coat, I like to get dressed up. You know, to really invest time and thought into putting together an outfit.

My adorable Israeli husband, who coneveniently has a knack for photography, encourages me with such statements as "You are such a fashion district, honey".

Born and raised in New York City, I developed a super-power for identifying 50% off signs from miles away. For the past seven years I have been making a home for myself in Israel which means that I have to get creative with my clothing. Either that or break the bank trying to buy clothing here. I experiment in real life as a doctoral student researching in the field Microelectromechanical Systems at Tel Aviv University. In Tel Aviv I take full advantage of the mild weather by wearing little jackets and no gloves all winter long.

That should be enough to give you an idea of what I'm about. Want more info? Feel free to contact me.

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